2020 Medicaid Income and Asset levels

2020 Medicaid Financial Levels

  1. Community-Based Medicaid
Medicaid Income Level Monthly Yearly Medicaid Resource Level
One (1) person household $875* $10,500 $15,750
Two (2) person household (If all are applicants) $1,284* $15,400 $23,100


  1. Institutional-Based Medicaid
Medicaid Income Level Monthly Medicaid Resource Level
Individual $50 $15,750
Community Spouse $3,216.00 $74,820 or the spousal share (one-half of a married couple’s resources) up to a maximum of $128,640**

 *Plus a $20 disregard  - The first $20 of monthly income per household will not be counted when determining the eligibility of those Medicaid applicants who are aged, blind, or disabled

**Higher amounts may be kept under the “Spousal Refusal” provisions.

  1. Medicare
    • The Medicare Part B standard premium remained at $144.60 (PLEASE NOTE: Higher income consumes may pay more).
    • Co-insurance for skilled nursing care for days 21 to 100 is $176.00 per day.
  1. Monthly Regional Rates

Long Island $13,407

New York City $12,844

Central $10,451

Northeastern $11,295

Rochester $12,460

Western $10,720

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