De-Clutter Your Life!


This past Tuesday, October 27th  2015, over 35 of our clients joined us for the “Retired Senior Volunteer Program” (RSVP) presentation on De-Cluttering your life. RSVP’s mission is to provide diverse volunteer opportunities for people 55 and older. RSVP supports Older Americans who wish to remain active and make a difference in their communities.

This presentation discussed how to shrink the piles of bills, receipts, ads and official “stuff” that comes from Medicare, IRS and financial institutions. It guided clients as to what papers are important, how long they should be saved, where to keep them and how to safely dispose of papers no longer needed.

Missed our event? Contact us at 631-941-3434 to be added to our database and for the latest seminar schedule.

Do you want to learn more about Suffolk County’s  Retired Senior Volunteer Program? Click here for more information

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