Find out how our staff members are celebrating National Caregivers Month!

Great Work Happening!

In honor of National Caregivers Month, Nancy Burner & Associates, P.C. would like to share the recent adventures embarked upon by  our attorney Britt Burner, Esq. and our estate planning paralegal, Jessika Lombardo. 

On October 31st, Britt and Jessika  joined a group of young professionals from all over the NYC area to travel to Jamaica and  work  with children who have mental and physical disabilities as well as those affected by HIV/AIDS–and have been orphaned or otherwise abandoned.

The group will be blogging each day and you can follow their trip at:


For anyone who would like to donate, the group accepts donations during and after the trip. Donations can be made here: 

Your gift provides food, clothing, medicine, shelter, and most importantly–the love, care, and simple presence of the team.

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