Long Island & NYC Elder Law Attorneys

Elder Law Attorneys

To the average individual, Estate Planning is so confusing that they end up doing nothing. At Burner Law Group, P.C., we educate our clients and give them an attorney they can trust so that they can rest easy with a sound Estate Plan.

Our trust and estate attorneys concentrate in the areas of Estate Planning, Trust and Estate Administration and Litigation, Special Needs Planning, Guardianship and Elder Law.

Aging raises many critical issues. Decisions regarding tax and estate planning, long-term care and who to choose to handle your affairs in the event that you cannot do so, are overwhelming. An honest, accurate and comprehensive analysis of each client’s individual circumstance is a vital part of implementing a sound estate plan. At Burner Law Group, P.C. we are dedicated to serving our clients with compassion, respect and exceptional service.

Timely and effective planning can help to preserve a client’s hard-earned assets while anticipating the future need for assisted or long-term care. Careful tax planning coupled with a comprehensive estate plan can also significantly reduce estate tax liability. Burner Law Group, P.C. can also assist seniors and their families with discharge planning and placement in nursing homes, adult homes, assisted living facilities, and facilitating home care. In addition, we assist many clients faced with sudden illness; helping them to get the quality care they need while preserving their assets to the greatest extent possible.

At Burner Law Group, P.C. we pride ourselves on the quality, personal care and attention that we provide to each of our clients. Our entire staff is dedicated to serving our clients. With our commitment to knowing each client, we are confident that we will be able to address all of your needs and provide you with a solution that is right for you.

Mission of Burner Law Group, P.C Team

  • To continually build a premier law firm that puts the needs of our clients first.
  • To encourage each employee to be their personal best, both professionally and personally.
  • To be recognized as leaders in our community and a valuable and trusted community resource.
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