2023 Will Bring Expanded Eligibility for Community Medicaid

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Change is coming! The New York State Fiscal Year 2023 budget expands the ability for New Yorkers to qualify for Medicaid if they are 65+ years old, blind or disabled. Effective January 1, 2023, the allowable amounts for income and assets are increasing.

Income Expansion

The income amount for Community Medicaid recipients will be raised from 100% to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level.

  2022 Income Levels 2023 Income Levels (estimated)



$934.00 monthly


$1,563 monthly

 Couples (both receiving care)  

$1,367 monthly total


$2,106 monthly total

This is a considerable increase and will allow more New Yorkers to qualify for Medicaid long term care in their home without the use of Pooled Income Trusts.  The most common source of countable income includes Social Security, pension, retirement account distributions, rental income, and income payable from a trust.

Asset Expansion

The allowable asset limit for Medicaid long term care recipients is increasing by 50% come 2023.

  2022 Asset Maximum 2023 Asset Maximum (estimated)



$16, 800.00


$28, 134.00

 Couples (both receiving care)  

$24,600.00 combined


$37,908.00 combined

Countable assets for Community Medicaid eligibility include checking and savings, CDs, brokerage accounts, individual stocks, non-qualified annuities, cash surrender value of life insurance, and real estate other than a primary residence. Tax-deferred retirement accounts, traditional IRAs and 401ks, in payout status are not counted as assets for eligibility.

Medicare Savings Program Expansion

Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) subsidize health care premiums for Medicare beneficiaries. For those who qualify, the MSP covers the monthly Part B premium and the Medicare Part D prescription drug subsidy.  MSPs also allow enrollment in Part B year-round outside without penalty.

The income limits for enrollment eligibility in the two available MSPs has also increased.  Neither MSP imposes an asset limit.  All those who qualify for Medicaid under the new 2023 expanded income limits will be automatically eligible for Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB). QMB covers Part A & B premiums, as well as all deductibles and co-pays.

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