Kera Reed, Esq. Returns from Maternity Leave

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We are happy to announce our attorney Kera Reed’s return from maternity leave on November 4th.

Kera and her husband James welcomed sweet baby James into the world on August 12, 2020. Kera and her husband are already parents to soon to be 4 years old Brynna Grace.

Before her return to the office, Kera explained how she balances work and home life with a new addition to the family.

How do you juggle the Estates department and children?

Kera: A few ways…

1. I have a supportive spouse

2. Preparation (I cook for hours on Sunday to prepare for the week; I do 1-2 loads of laundry per day, so there is no pile; I pick out outfits and pack lunches the night before; everything for the morning is laid out the night before; never go to bed with a mess of dishes in the sink)

3. Not everything has to be done at the office. Realizing what can be done at home and at the office is important.

4. Doing a bunch of small things so I can set aside time for projects that require concentration.

5. When all else fails- tablet and a lollipop for Brynna.

Welcome back Kera!

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